Hikers, runners, dog walkers, and bicycle riders, please heed this reminder when it comes to snow-covered trails.

I will be honest, this is not something that would be top-of-mind for me, but it's important to others. After this piece of advice on the /Rockford subReddit, I figured I would do these winter enthusiasts a favor and spread the word.

This tip, if you will, is specifically related to Atwood Park in New Milford but after you read this, you will understand this easily applies to many other silent trails around northern Illinois.

The trails hikers, runners, dog walkers, and bicycle riders might enjoy during the warmer months provide an entirely different experience in the winter. Cross country skiers and mountain bikers patiently wait for the snow to fall and spend countless hours voluntarily "grooming"  these trails for their winter sports hobbies.

It's an ongoing project to build and repair silent sports trails including hiking, biking, and skiing at the Atwood Park property.

During the winter, the mountain bike and cross country ski trails are groomed by volunteers to prepare the snow for winter silent sports. Hiking, running, walking your dog, and riding with too skinny or hard of a tire can damage the groomed surface that volunteers have spent hours preparing.

The repairs are needed with the dents in the snow are deeper than an inch. This happens when people hike, run, or walk their dog without snowshoes. Bicycles with thin tires can also cause problems for winter sports enthusiasts.

There's a great graphic that explains if you should or shouldn't be on snow-covered trails. It's simple; if you're breaking the surface and leaving a footprint or pawprint you shouldn't be on the trails. Biking? Are you sliding around when taking corners? Release a little air from your tires. If that doesn't work turn around, take the same path, and head back.

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