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After hitting a temperature high for our area on Tuesday, and seeing tons of people out walking and biking, we could get one last blast of that four-letter word that we are all tired of. Anything is possible around here as you now. I blame Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt for putting a giant hole in the ozone with gallons of Aqua Net back in the 80's...the weather dramatically changed after that. Just go with it...

Those mysterious weather words are being said, yet again..."Wintry Mix." Ugh, now I strongly dislike you and your evil tease, Mother Nature. Figures after we have a week of sunshine and relaxed temps that Joey Marino would give us something to curse about. Not curing "at" you Joey, I swear...

We continue through the weekend in the 50's, but as late Sunday hits the temperatures fall into the 40's with some extra crap coming with it. MyStateline

There is a 40% chance as of today, that we will see some sort of snow fall as we head back to work on Monday. It appears that it won't stick around very long, as temps warm back up slightly at the week continues.

You knw that there is always that one last "blast" after we start to do yard work, or clean all the "winter" off the deck. This should be all she wrote for a few months but don't be surprised if the roads are slick and driving conditions are a little messy on Monday.

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