Now that Rockford City Market has come to a close, I'm a little sad that I was only able to make it down there one time; all summer. Sad, right?

It's the four months out of year that you can get your hands on some of the best food, beer and gear in the Rockford area that you might not otherwise have access to...until now.

Because the city market was so successful this year, vendors and the market's organizers are hoping that we'd come out for an indoor market that would be held year-round.

According to, the city has already agreed to help with refurbishing a two story building on Madison Street and any additional costs would be covered by city market.

Market organizer, Cathy McDermott isn't too concerned though, saying, "The risk to the city of anything, any guarantees being invoked are extremely unlikely."

City council is set to vote on the indoor market today.

How would you vote?

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