Rock and Roll Recap March 31 featuring Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne and more.

2014 - Angus Young celebrates his 59th birthday today.

2006 - Courtney Love sold off part of her stake in Nirvana's song catalog to Wave Music Publishing.

2004 - Ozzy Osbourne announced that he was re-forming Black Sabbath for a summer tour.

1995 - A crazed Led Zeppelin fan was arrested for allegedly trying to stab Jimmy Page backstage with a pocketknife at a Page and Plant show in Detroit. The fan called the band "satanic."

1992 - "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town" were released by Bruce Springsteen.

1982 - The Doobie Brothers announced their break-up.

1967 - Jimi Hendrix kicked off his first British tour, as part of a bill that included Cat Stevens.

We will dance with you Angus! Happy Birthday!