The Rockford Town Fair is this weekend at The Rockford Speedway.

Photo - Rob Carroll
Photo - Rob Carroll

June 1st - 4th at The Rockford Speedway, The Rockford Town Fair returns. I had a blast with this last year, so many great stories. This is a four day, family friendly fair. Delicious food, games, unusual and fun entertainment and of course plenty of rides.

Speaking of the rides, there is something for everyone. The really little kids, the teens, and even the adults. I'm not even sure what this ride was called but it was awesome and I almost threw up after.

I've always been good on rides, maybe it was the ice cream forced on me or maybe the several pieces of blackened chicken I ate.

Probably the most fun was having to help my former boss into the ride and back out. I'm pretty sure for the "you must me at least this tall" sign, she got on her toes.

We will see you this weekend at The Rockford Town Fair, let's get dizzy together!




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