Growing up with four TV channels was barbaric. I wonder how did the human race evolve when for so long we didn't have the magic of cable or satellite television. No CNN. No 'South Park.' No 'Honey Boo Boo.' Thank goodness we are so advanced nowadays that we can now flex our metal muscles with those heavyweight networks and programming.

I'll tell you how we survived. Alice Nelson. The maid from 'The Brady Bunch.' This fetching housekeeper was silly and no-nonsense all at the same time. She could whip up a pot roast, clean the mess and make Sam the butcher forget all of his problems all in one evening. Not to mention all of the comedy gold she served up with classic one-line zingers. Alice was played by Ann B. Davis who passed away at the age of eighty-eight in Texas. The only logical thing to play today during the Brizz Record Bin is 'Welcome to My Nightmare' by Alice Cooper. Besides sharing a groovy first name, I imagine being the housekeeper for two swingin' adults, six kids, a dog and that freak Oliver was a nightmare. R.I.P. Ann B.

It shoud be noted that Ms Davis was unfairly type-cast as a maid. Her acting range was as deep as the bun she tied her hair in. Here, listen to what I mean. Throw in the theme from 'Breaking Bad' and you have Ann B. Davis, dramatic actress: