Local Anytime Fitness locations are going to do their part to help of the Movemeant Foundation, when you workout.

As we all try to take a deep breath and head into a brand new year, why not try to be healthier and ALSO help out an incredible organization that take the overall heath of young ladies very seriously.

The Movemeant Foundation uses their 501c3 to empower young women and focus on  positivity when it comes to physical health. Instead of a young lady getting caught up in trends and image issues as they grow up, Movemeant Foundation teaches and helps with positivity:

We believe that every body is meant to move and that through movement, we can enable women and girls to find self-confidence, self-esteem and positive body image that leads to physical, emotional and mental well being for the rest of her life.  We empower girls and women by providing them with resources, opportunities and experiences to use physical movement as a tool to build confidence and self-worth. - Movemeant Foundation 

So what are Rockford are Anytime Fitness locations doing? For every workout you do at a local Anytime Fitness, they will donate $1 to Movemeant Foundation, up to $50,000....wow! So you do your normal at the gym, or maybe even start something new for 2021, and help out some young ladies.

Anyone with a daughter, step-daughter, granddaughter, this is something I'm sure you can get behind...and this will benefit you as well.

For more information, getting a membership, getting a workout, or anything else involving that healthy event...You can CLICK HERE.

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