Here are some ways to keep your bike from getting stolen in Rockford.

The weather is getting better and you are hopefully thinking about doing some outdoor activities. Something fun and maybe even good your you.

I'm talking about doing some biking. There are some great places to go riding in our area. I have a lot of friends that love to do it.

If you haven't notice, we have a little crime problem in Rockford. Bikes have gotten expensive, so you don't want yours to get stolen.


I remember is high school, one of my buddies just got a new BMX bike for his birthday. He rode it up to school, left it unlocked, and ten minutes later it was gone. Someone stole it. He only had it for a couple of hours., has some great tips to prevent your bicycle from getting stolen. I think they would work great in Rockford.


When it comes to preventing your bike from getting stolen, there is one simple rule.

"Always lock up your bike when you're not using it."

If you follow that, you should be fine.

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