San Diego police officers found themselves in a standoff with a passenger of a vehicle that took them on a pursuit. However, this passenger wasn't quite able to follow their instructions...because he was not real.

We can all picture this. The police finally get a vehicle to pull over after a pursuit and they passengers take off running. After apprehending the two runners on foot, police still had one passenger that was hiding in the car, or so they thought. When it's dark out and you are trying to look into a vehicle from a distance, sometimes it is hard to tell how many people are in the car. Shadows and silhouettes can make if very difficult to tell, especially amidst a police chase and flashing lights.

After several verbal commands to get the third passenger out of the vehicle, police went in. To their surprise, the silhouette in the car turned out to be a lifesize Stormtrooper statue.


Source: FBHW

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