You can sail like a pirate on this Lake Michigan boat ride in Chicago.

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Boat Rides Are A Fun Family Activity During The Summertime In Illinois

Maybe, it was because my dad was in the Coast Guard back in the day, but I remember going on many boat rides as a kid. Whenever we visited a place with a large body of water and there were boat rides available we always seemed to take one. It was kind of our thing. Some of my favorite ones were on Lake Michigan in Chicago. There were many different types and styles available but there was definitely one that I always looked forward to.

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My Favorite Lake Michigan Boat Ride In Chicago

My favorite boat ride to take on Lake Michigan in Chicago was Tall Ship Windy. First of all, you boarded the boat at Navy Pier. I really liked going to that attraction too. It's a pirate-style vessel and what little boy didn't love the outlaws of the sea. It was amazing to ride on this huge sailboat out on the open water. The experience was so thrilling.

What Is The Tall Ship Windy?

According to,

Windy provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life to experience an authentic tall ship and crew while sailing in a safe and protected waterway.


The Tall Ship Windy, sailing from Navy Pier in Chicago, is a 148-foot, traditional four-masted gaff topsail schooner.

There are many different kinds of cruises available on the ship including a pirate-themed one. For more info, HERE.

FOR SALE: Feast Yer Eyes on This Pirate Ship

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