A train station in Chicago has an issue with pigeons and their bathroom habits.

If you've ever traveled into downtown Chicago, you might have noticed there are thousands of pigeons that call the city home. They're everywhere. Plus, wherever they go, the birds seem to make a terrible mess. In some cases, it's worse than others.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"The city has been fighting a losing battle to clean up the mess made by pigeons at the CTA’s Irving Park Blue Line station. The sidewalk by the station is so thickly speckled with droppings that it looks and smells like a chicken coop. There has pushed for state funds to keep the birds away." 

There's a roadblock with the plan.

"A resident is determined to feed and protect birds around the city and visits the Irving Park station often with big sacks of white rice. She has spent $300,000 of her own money feeding birds"

Whose problem is it?

"Complicating any clean-up effort is the CTA station’s location under the Kennedy Expressway, which is controlled by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The sidewalk, however, is controlled by the Chicago Department of Transportation. So the responsibility is divided among different agencies with their own budgets and approaches to the problem."

Like many issues in a big city like Chicago, this might go unsolved.

That is so gross, I think I would use a different stop if I rode on that train.

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