Being trips to the beaches and city pools aren't looking too promising this summer, people have turned to getting their own pools. However, cheap pools are starting to have shortages, and the cost of an underground pool averages about $35,000.

Not wanting to mess with the Chip and Joanna look of their deck, some people are turning their back towards plastic and inflatable pools to turn their eyes to the hillbilly hot tub.

Okay, they aren't making these, but they're taking cues from them to make some awesome looking swimming pools in their back yards.

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Simply get ahold of a galvanized steel stock tank, which you can get at any farm supply shop, which will range from $300-$600.




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Savannah McNeil and Casey Freeman of Hey Wanderer on Instagram have an eight foot stock tank in their backyard, which they've done up so it looks much nicer.

"It can be tight, but we've gotten 8 adults in at once," McNeil told The Post about the 700 gallon tank.

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The two had a very high demand for people asking what to do if they get a stock tank for a pool, that the couple created a website on how to build and maintain a stock tank tub. 




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Listen to our conversation with Casey below. Oh and Jeff called in from Aledo pimping Ugly Duckling Barnwood.


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