Police in Chicago said someone flying into the area reached in and took a handful of pot products from one of the airport's "Cannabis Amnesty Boxes."

The boxes, installed a few weeks ago to go along with the legalization of marijuana in the state of Illinois. The idea behind the amnesty box is to give travelers a chance to drop off the marijuana they purchased in the state before leaving and putting themselves at risk of facing legal troubles from crossing state lines. Authorities say they're not targeting anybody holding, but are giving them a chance before they leave the airport, as having pot on a plane is illegal as airspace is regulated by the federal government.

The TSA noticed the box was a little bit lighter than it was earlier in the day, and checked the security footage to see someone walking off a plane and grabbing some product out of the box as if it was some sort of "Take a Dime, Leave a Dime" box. Police are still investigating and hoping to identify the bogarting the amnesty.

Chicago is not the first airport to have the amnesty boxes. Colorado Springs Airport, and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas have amnesty boxes as well.

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