A family in Florida is thanking a rainy day for their safety.

In a chilling video caught by a Ring camera, a car is seen crashing through a fence at such a high rate of speed it flies across the top of a pool. The whole backyard looks different in a matter of seconds.

The Lago family has spent a lot of time in their backyard during the pandemic. At the time of the accident, they would've been in the pool, had it not been a rainy day.

First responders took care of the driver, who had suffered from diabetic shock, and is expected to recover.

Carlos Lago said this isn't the first time a car has come off the road and into a backyard in his neighborhood, and he's asking for the mayor to just do something about it.

"My neighbor that lives next door, this has happened to her seven times. A wall or a safety barrier or something that they can stop this."

Carlos also said earlier that morning, pool maintenance people were standing right where the car tore through the yard.

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