There's nobody above the law, even the people driving company vehicles.

Waukesha County, Wisconsin deputies decided there was no better candidate to make an example of than the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. As "Move Over" laws are enacted in many states, there are still are a few states that aren't with the rest of the country yet. The Wienermobile didn't move over in Wisconsin, and they got a verbal warning for the infraction.

The "Move Over" law or "Scott's Law" is put in place to force drivers to change lanes so there is a buffer lane between them and a roadside emergency vehicle, and in most states, any vehicle on the side of the road. With over 600 people a year being killed on the highways on interstate shoulders, state legislators put the law into place to save lives.

Oscar Mayer said they were looking for new drivers earlier this month, and I feel like there's about to be one more opening.

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