It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic, and lack of people working, has wreaked real havoc on most everyday things. Businesses are struggling to hire enough employees, construction material prices are insane, it takes forever to order things like furniture, there's a teacher and bus driver get my point, a lot of things are a real MESS right now.

Patience does not appear to be society's strong suit currently, and the news I am about to share with you might just send your frustration limits past the boiling point, so I apologize for that in advance.

If your idea of the perfect fast food meal involves Beefaroo and one of these four things, please take a few cleansing breaths right now...

Beefaroo via Facebook
Beefaroo via Facebook

No, Beefaroo isn't changing their fry recipe or doing away with their famous cheddar fries, but if you lean to ordering their onion rings more than their fries, this TEMPORARY change may bum you out a bit.  Ready for it?

For the next two weeks, you can't get an order of onion rings at Beefaroo. Here's why;



At least you can still enjoy a slice of the onion life on Beefaroo's Mushroom Beef/Burger & Wild West Beef/Burger for the next two weeks. Just think of this temporary onion ring setback like this; when you can finally order Beefaroo onion rings again, they will taste even better than before because you've had to go without them for SOOOO long. Hope that helps get you through the days ahead.

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