The debate on whether to vaccinate your kids can get rather heated.

It's your prerogative to vaccinate or not vaccinate your child, I'm not here to judge.

But if your kids attend this Rockford school, just know their chances of getting the measles are higher than if they attended somewhere else.

According to research conducted by WBEZ, statewide data collected shows that Montessori Private Academy, at 8101 Sayer Road, has a percentage of 59.28 of its students being immunized against the disease.

Per the data 78 of the 194 students enrolled Montessori students are non-compliant in their immunization requirement, with no documentation of vaccination, medical waiver, or religious exemption.

All Illinois schools require their students to either have a vaccination or an exemption. As the data shows, only 9% of schools in Illinois have a 100% rate of students that have complied.

As of Wednesday, 78 new cases of measles have been reported statewide to the CDC.

To see where your child's school ranks, click here to see the full study.

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