Your mind will be blown by this one-of-a-kind corn dog menu at a restaurant in Illinois.

Corn Dogs Are An Underrated Food

I believe corn dogs are an underrated food. I think it is because of stereotyping. Most people when they think of corn dogs, immediately picture a carnival or even worse a box of frozen ones. If done correctly, corn dogs actually have a lot of potential.

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Did You Know There Is A Restaurant In Illinois That Specializes In Corn Dogs

I have never heard of a corn dog restaurant until now. They have taken the corn dog game to the next level. This place is shaking the reputation of just being fair food. Their corn dogs are really something special.

The name of these corn dog experts is "Kong Dog." They have two locations including 1749 Milwaukee Avenue in Glenview and 1424 West Taylor Street in Chicago. The work they are doing with corn dogs is amazing. Check it out for yourself.

According to,

"A new bite to grab."


"Try our new brand of corn dogs trendy, delicious, and homemade."


"New uniqueness and fun flavors await you."


The Famous Kong Dog Corn Dog Menu

Here are some of the tasty corn dogs you will find on their menu.

  • Original Kong Dog
  • Potato Kong Dog
  • Sweet Potato Kong Dog
  • Churro Kong Dog
  • Rainbow Kong Dog
  • Ramen Kong Dog
  • Hot Cheeto Kong Dog
  • Spaghetti Kong Dog
  • Sweet Chili Doritos Kong Dog
  • Injeolmi Kong Dog

You can also choose your fillings...

  • Whole Beef Sausage
  • Whole Mozzarella
  • Half Beef Half Mozzarella
  • Whole Chicken Sausage
  • Whole Plant-Based Sauage
  • Half Mozzarella Half Cheddar
  • Half Beef Half Cheddar

Looks like the perfect food road trip. For more info, HERE.

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