As summer packs it's bags and leaves Illinois, why don't you grab a Spongebob Bar from your favorite local ice cream truck and celebrate. Say What? FinanceBuzz

The ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood as a kid was an amazing sound...Literally, you could hear it blocks away and you would be ok with chasing it if you had to. There are still quite a few of these in the Rockford area, putting smiles on faces.

Ice cream trucks have been a familiar part of summer for generations in the U.S. They bring a bevy of delicious and refreshing popsicles, ice cream bars, and more to the members of their communities during long, hot summer days. - FinanceBuzz

So what is your favorite ice cream snack from the summertime ice cream truck? Would you believe that the "Spongebob Bar" is the number one item in the state of Illinois? I have never tried this one, but I'd give it a shot for sure.  Check out some of these countrywide favorites:

Alabama - Ice Cream Sandwich

Alaska - Drumstick

California - Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Delaware - Italian Ice

Illinois - Spongebob Bar

The classic ice cream sandwich is the most popular choice at ice cream trucks in the U.S., topping the list in 24 states. Though multiple brands make ice cream sandwiches, some more distinctly branded items also have significant popularity. Drumsticks, Bomb Pops (also known as Firecrackers), and Snickers Ice Cream Bars all finished among the top five. -FinanceBuzz

Check out this ice cream map...





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