Why in the world would a high school use a "Pretzel" as a mascot?

Pretzel Stadium
Captain Jack, Townsquare Media

Growing up in Freeport I always thought being a "Pretzel" was pretty darn cool. I am a Freeport Pretzel, neat.

It is National Pretzel Day, so in honor that let's look deep into the history of the name, Freeport Pretzels.

Now according to one of my teacher in high school, there was a bakery and brewery in Freeport back in the late 1800's. When Freeport High School was built the school considered the "Pretzels" or the "Brewers" as the high school mascot. Could you imagine a high school with a liquor mascot?

According to WIKI:

"Pretzel City, USA", named after the heritage of its Germanic settlers in the 1850s and the Billerbeck Bakery pretzel company that started as a result of their arrival. Freeport High School's mascot is the Pretzel to honor this unique heritage".

Then, of course, there is this possibility:

Happy "National Pretzel Day"...You can eat us but you can't beat us!



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