I know this is a different "Ratt", but what a great album.


It's National Pack Rat Day, seriously it is.

The definition of a "Pack Rat" is:

A person who saves unnecessary objects or hoards things.

With that said, we all know one and you might be one. I don't really think I'm a pack rat, I'm just really bad at putting my laundry away. So a lot of times seem cluttered but they are clean and folded, anyway.

  • Keeping old magazines or newspapers
  • Keeping clothes you don’t wear anymore
  • Storing broken electronics and appliances
  • Storing free swag
  • Every room becomes storage
  • Your car becomes storage
  • Your daily life is impacted

I remember going into a house as a kid, where there wee old magazines stacked as high as the ceiling and thinking, "boy they sure do read a lot". If you know a Pack Rat, on National Pack Rat Day there is help. Rent a dumpster and get to work.


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