If the summer of 2019 was a beverage, it would've been White Claw.

You probably noticed more at backyard BBQ's, summer concerts, and Facebook memes.

If you're unfamiliar, White Claw Hard Seltzer is an adult beverage some might even call basic.

Now the company behind this latest phenomenon is reported a nationwide shortage.

The company is saying they may have fallen victim to their own popularity because they weren't expecting this level of demand.

Sales have spiked 300% in July as compared to what was sold at the same time last year.

During the Fourth of July weekend alone, the Nielsen data reported that White Claw was responsible for more than half of the country's total hard seltzer sales.

I didn't even realize hard seltzer was a thing until recently.

The company is working to increase its supply. But you might want to stock up now if you're a fan because they're not sure exactly when store shelves will be restocked.

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