This might be just the incentive needed to get folks to quit smoking.

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A company in Japan is offering its non-smoking employees an extra six days off per year to offset the amount of time others take for cigarette breaks.

The Tokyo based marketing firm, Piala Inc., made the decision after receiving complaints from non-smoking employees that they were working more hours than their smoking co-workers.

Piala CEO is hoping that this will be a better incentive to get employees to quit rather than penalties.

As a former smoker, I quit almost 9 years ago, this would've been a great motivational tool to kick the habit.

This would be nice to see make its way stateside. I know of a couple local businesses that have some strange polices/punishments for its employees that are smokers.

I would think something like this would be a better motivator.

According to Piala, the new policy has encouraged 4 employees to quite and no more than 3 of the 120 total employees have taken the extra time off.



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