The CherryVale Mall announced its new youth policy.

CherryVale Mall
CherryVale Mall

CherryVale Mall was on lock down this last September after a shooting outside the building. So new policies needed to be put in place.

According to WREX the new youth policy states that beginning March 17th kids under the age of 18 will need to be with a parent or guardian 21-years-old or older, This policy will be valid Friday and Saturday evenings after 4pm.

Cherryvale Mall management was quoted as saying this new policy is:

Intended to curtail the number of unsupervised youth hanging out at CherryVale Mall and related disturbances.

This policy was put into place after speaking with the community, local officials and business leaders.

So if the kids want to go hang with their friends at the mall on the weekend, it needs to be before 4pm.





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