If you've ever dreamed of being an actor or actress, wanted to direct or produce short films and movies, or you simply wanted to be a part of the movie industry, your first inclination would be to move to Hollywood.

The one thing keeping you from pursuing those dreams is finances. Uprooting your life to chase your dreams comes at a cost, you know? However, those days could soon be over.

We're living in a time where a city like Chicago is home to nine television shows and places like Fort Reed, Kansas (Beyond) and Hawkins, Indiana (Stranger Things) are the setting for some of the most popular streamed television shows; it's a sign that more and more commercials, tv shows and movies are heading for the Midwest.

Movies like Villain, a a supernatural crime thriller, that will be filmed here in Rockford.

According to the Northern Star, NIU grad Don Hatton, has been shooting some of the original feature film scenes in Rockford for the past year.

There isn't word on a release date yet, but we do know that Hatton and his production company, Dashford Media, plan on putting together a "top-notch" film that has a very distinct vision.

So, what's it about? Nick Snow, the founder of Dashford Media, says "it's a supernatural crime thriller with no good guys. Instead, “Villains” has heightened crime characters that have a shockingly dark sense of humor at times. It’s a ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets modern crime."

Here's a short highlight reel that might give you some insight as to what you can expect production of Villains to look like.

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