On Weed Street in Chicago will be the new home of a marijuana dispensary.

There's a music venue in Chicago called Joe's On Weed Street. Anytime I hear it mentioned, I chuckle like a teenager. The jokes just write themselves.

I've always had questions about it. Do musicians like playing there because of the name? Is it a bucket list item for stoners to get high on Weed Street? Are there good places to eat if you get the munchies in that neighborhood? I wonder how often the street signs get stolen.

When recreational marijuana was legalized in Illinois and there were discussions about where dispensaries would be set up. My first thought was, I really hope one opens on Weed Street. It's the perfect location.

My dream is now a reality.

According to chicago.cbslocal.com,

"The second recreational-only marijuana dispensary in Chicago opens Wednesday, on – believe it or not – Weed Street. “I think it was meant to be,” said Wren Berger, the director of operations for Windy City Cannabis. “Weed on Weed.” 

I think they should have named it "Weed on Weed."

"The new dispensary is going into an onetime industrial building at 923 W. Weed St. – an area just west of Clybourn and Halsted streets and east of Goose Island that was also once known as a nightclub district."

Too bad they weren't located at 420 Weed Street.

I'm sure it will be a popular destination, especially on April 20th. Can you same road trip?

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