Here are some new traffic laws for 2018 in the state of Illinois.


I am pretty much done with this year, see you later 2017! With a new year comes a list of new laws for our state. Lets' take at laws changes out on the road.

Organ donor registry age lowered - The organ donor age is being lowered from 18 to 16. They will join 48 other states that are 16-17 years of age for organ donation.

No more driving with “for sale” signage - While this one sounds odd, the reasoning makes sense. In 2018 it will be illegal to drive with a "for sale" sign or any other type of signage in the front winshield. Reason being, a young man was struck and killed by a car being test driven with the sign in the front windshield.

Written motor vehicle accident reports no longer confidential - If you are involved in a car accident in 2018, the Department of Transportation can provide copies of a written accident report to an agency.

Less-frequent bus inspections - Buses that carry 15 or less people and school buses will only require inspections once per year.

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