An infamous Wisconsin serial killer has a new documentary released about him.

I think it is pretty safe to safe that Horror is a top genre for entertainment. People love to be scared. Hundreds of movies, books, television shows, documentaries, and other formats are released every year. It is big business.

I am not sure which disturbs me more. When they are made from scratch (how do writers come up with that insane stuff?) or based on a true story (what causes that psychotic behavior happen?). Either way is pretty darn frightening.

This new documentary on Discovery + covers a story that is one of the most gruesome of all time. it is part of the "Shock Docs" series called "Ed Gein: The Real Psycho."

According to,

"The iconic psychopaths featured in “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Psycho” were not just fictitious villains, they were inspired by a real-life personification of evil – Ed Gein, a convicted murderer and a grave robber who had a malicious obsession with human flesh. The new Shock Docs special, ED GEIN: THE REAL PSYCHO, chronicles the horrific crimes of the heinous killer. Documentary film producer and paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and world-renowned psychic medium Cindy Kaza travel to Gein’s hometown in Plainfield, Wisconsin, to conduct investigations of the most haunted locations connected to Gein."

I had the opportunity to chat with the producer, Steve Shippy, about this project. If you missed it, you can check it out right now.

Video: Interview with Steve Shippy, Paranormal Investigator & Documentary Filmmaker

The whole story is pretty messed up. Plus, it happened in a small town in Wisconsin. I definitely want to check out the documentary,

Check out the trailer.

Video: Ed Gein The Real Psycho 2021 Trailer

For more info about the documentary, HERE.

For more info about the filmmaker, Steve Shippy, HERE.

I had the opportunity to interview Steve Shippy before about another project. You can listen to that now.

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