It has become a reality where people bring work home with them, so it seems only logical that we get one day a year to bring home to work. Today is that day. It's National Bring Your Child to Work Day. My father worked in the metal finishing business and I would work for him from time to time, but it was mostly my brother who followed him there. In fact, my brother now owns his own metal finishing business that our dad helped him start. Shockingly, I preferred to stay around the neighborhood and hang with friends.

My two boys have hung with me at work several times. When my older son was three, we opened gifts on-air when we lived near Vail, Colorado.  I was scheduled and a single dad. You do what you have to do. But nowadays, they don't make it around as much. However, I do have one tape that I particularly like. This goes back to about 2007, when my older son was about ten years old.

The ten year old rock jock audition:

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