Sending humans to Mars is something that NASA has planned for the future.

If I took a survey of what everyone's favorite planet (besides Earth), I think it would be a safe bet that Mars would win.

There's a healthy obsession with Mars by humans.

Just take a look at how much popular culture is based off Mars.

People want to know more about the planet. They want NASA to send real astronauts there. Not just probes.

Could it ever happen?

According to,

"The space agency says it’s about 25 years away from sending the first human to Mars and has spelled out what it will take to make this space travel plan pan out."

Of course, going to Mars isn't a simple task. There are some things to work on.

For example...

  • Control exposure to deadly radiation.
  • Figure out unpredictable atmosphere.
  • Cut down nine month travel time.
  • Medical problems caused by space travel.
  • Budget and where's the money coming from.

Hopefully, someday Mars will be explored by people.


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