I wish I could have seen what happens a minute or two before the video.

It would have been more clear to me and easier to blame the guy driving the car for being an awful human.

This hit and run video was uploaded to YouTube just a few days ago by the motorcyclist who claims he told the driver at a stoplight to "stop texting."

He did manage to sprinkle a few colorful words in there which might have raised the drivers ire.

Not defending the driver, what he did was straight up against the law. No matter which state you live in, (this was shot in California) hit and run is frowned upon.

But if you watch the video again, after the light turns green look at the motorcyclist when he gets in front of the driver. Is he braking in front of the car on purpose? That's what it looks like to me.

Again, raising the ire of the "texting while driving" guy.

The driver apparently had enough of that and according to the YouTube uploader, says "swerved his car into my lane, knocking both my bike and myself to the ground."

Ouch. The motorcyclist sustained a concussion, two hairline shoulder fractures and a broken foot.

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