We all have words that we need to let spellcheck fix when typing. For the people of Illinois, this is the word we struggle with the most.

What Words Do You Suck at Spelling?

At this moment, I can't remember all of the words that I struggle with remembering how to spell because my memory sucks too.

The one that always comes to mind is a word that I have to say slowly to myself to remember where all the vowels drop. It's the same word the Montana peeps have to Google, that word is


I know how to spell it, but when I'm typing it out, my fingers seem to disconnect from my brain.

Google Trends - Most Misspelled Words in America

Thank you, Google for never forgetting ANYTHING we search for (sarcasm). You know they keep track of everything and then share stuff like this trend map of what words we struggle with remembering how to spell in Illinois.

For the Land of Lincoln, the most-searched "how to spell" word was,


Google Trends
Google Trends

In our defense, the word contains eleven letters which makes some words more challenging to spell. The bright side here is that we remember how to spell the state we live in, not the case for West Virginia.

The most important thing about the word anniversary is not remembering how to spell it, it is remembering when it is.

I found this helpful list of Wedding Anniversary gifts by year from Brides.com to help your shopping game, whether you remember how to spell the word or not.


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