It's great to see and feel the temperature changing. Earlier this week after I returned home from the gym at 7am, I could literally feel the heat of the sun as I walked inside the front door.

With the seasons changing comes those pesky mosquitoes, it's a lot like listening to laugher down the hallway here at work...simply annoying. There are a 1000 tips and tricks for getting rid of mosquitoes. Something to spray, something to eat, something to put in a bonfire, etc...But have you ever wondered what they do at Disney World? Probably not, but they appear to have the mosquito thing figured out.

Disney World is in Florida, surrounded by swampland. So why when you go to Disney, are you not getting bit up at every turn? What Disney does to make sure their guests don't get attacked by mosquitoes in next level, and includes chickens...

First off, Disney uses insecticides and "growth regulators" in spray form. That seems pricey, but seems reasonable.

Second, they set traps that shoot carbon dioxide into the air that attracts the nasty little mosquitoes. After they fill the traps, they freeze them and take them to a lab to study them.

Next (and my favorite) they use chickens. There are chickens at Disney that take care of the mosquito population. Then they draw the blood of these chickens to learn more about the mosquitoes.

So maybe if you are planning a summer of BBQ's and bonfires, but a few chickens to put on your property....apparently it works.


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