You can have big soft pretzels shipped directly to you from a company in Milwaukee.

I remember the first time I ever tasted a big soft pretzel. My parents had taken me to the circus. During the intermission, we went down to the concourse and hit the concession stand. My mom got popcorn. I ordered cotton candy. My dad picked something strange and unusual to me. It was a giant pretzel.

Now, don't get me wrong. At that point, I have had normal pretzels many times. I did enjoy them but I didn't understand the whole deal with this oversized snack. He didn't quite finish it, so he offered me a bite. I decided to give it a try. I was immediately a fan. I didn't think pretzels could get much better but this was a whole new world. Of course, it was much bigger but it was also served warm. Plus, it was soft to bite into. From then on, it was my go-to treat.

No matter where I would go when it was time for a snack and they were available. I was ordering a big pretzel. Showplace 16, Soldier Field, BMO Harris Bank Center, and more. I became sort of a connoisseur of the delicious item.

During the pandemic, the places where I would normally get one are closed. I recently figured out that the Meijer on Perryville has a pretzel stand in the front of the store. Sometimes, I have the taste for one but I don't want to go to a busy grocery store to pick it up.

Well, recently I heard some good news. I can order them for a company in Milwaukee and they will deliver them directly to my house.

According to,

"There's no competing with a deliciously warm and incredibly fresh homemade soft pretzel. You know the type you'd pick up at the ballpark or at the movies. With a little help from Goldbelly, some of the country's premier pretzel purveyors will ship their best-sellers straight to your door."

For more info, HERE.

I think I will be placing an order soon.

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