Hopefully, the Milwaukee Bucks first-round draft pick signs a contract soon, because the player has only $3.71 in his bank accounts.

When I think about professional athletes, especially NBA first-round picks, the first that comes to mind is big money.

At this moment, former Villanova star, Donte DiVincenzo, might disagree with me.

According to jsonline.com,

"As DJ Wilson puts it, Donte DiVincenzo's "life is boutta change." Wilson, a second-year Bucks player, posted a humorous image to his Instagram story early Tuesday showing newly drafted Bucks player Donte DiVincenzo holding up his phone, displaying his bank accounts. The everyday checking account: $2.68. His savings: $1.03."

Here's the post from DJ Wilson thanks to Bailey Harbit from WSAW Twitter account...

Don't worry, we won't have to hold a benefit for him anytime soon.

He just hasn't signed his contract yet.

The 17th pick in the NBA draft is getting ready to sign a 2 year over $5.3 million deal.

Maybe, his teammates will spot him a couple of dollars until then.


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