There is a woman in the Midwest who has 400 Christmas Trees in her home.

I remember when I was a kid, we had two Christmas Trees in our house. I thought that was a lot because most of the people I knew only had one.

Apparently, for this lady, two is no big deal.

According to,

"Most families who celebrate Christmas have a tree in their house, or maybe two. But one Missouri woman has almost everyone beat with more than 400."

Huge surprise, she really loves Christmas.

The woman owns so many, there isn't a total number for the collection.

In her home, the great room has the most which is 72.

To make more room, some of the trees are put upside down to create space.

The family isn't big fans but as long as her husband can still see the TV from his chair, he's all good with it.

Think about how long it would take her to set every up. Then after the holidays, it would probably take even more time to put all the stuff away. I wonder how she's keeping all the stuff organized. Oh yeah, where do you store all of those holiday decorations?

I think she should let people tour her house and charge admission to get in. They could cover some of the costs. It's definitely not a cheap hobby.

I wonder if she hits the after-Christmas sales to stock up for the next year. I'm guessing it's something she's working on all year long.

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