After barking at a police dog, a midwest woman was arrested.

I would like to share some advice with you.

  1. When you're in the process of getting pulled over by police, don't be disrespectful.
  2. In possession of illegal drugs, then don't attract attention to yourself.
  3. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, don't give the police a reason to investigate you.
  4. Don't mess with somebody's dog.

This Indiana woman broke all those simple rules and now finds herself in jail. Have you ever noticed criminals aren't usually on the news for being smart?

According to,

"Standing in front of her home, an Indiana woman barked at a police dog during a traffic stop and ended up behind bars."

Officers recognized the woman for being wanted on outstanding warrants. When they approached, she started barking at their K-9 partner. As they questioned the suspect, she took off for her house. After getting a search warrant, they enter the home and found drugs.

She was arrested.

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