After disagreeing with a foul ball call, a midwest softball player goes after the umpire.

When I played sports, I never took it too seriously. I played for fun.

Of course, there are people who are the complete opposite. In my opinion, they aren't fun to play with.

Here's a perfect example.

According to,

"In Des Moines, Iowa, Police have released the name of a man arrested Sunday after allegedly assaulting an umpire at a softball game over a foul ball call. Lance Ulrich is facing a charge of assault with injury for the incident."

"Police say Ulrich was upset at the umpire over a foul ball call and used profanity to express his displeasure. The umpire ejected him from the game and police say Ulrich then pushed him to the ground. The umpire’s injuries were minor, according to police."

That is just sad. No wonder there is a shortage of umpires.

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