Can we all just agree that people get famous for doing stupid things these days? I think this might fit into that category. A Midwestern guy has gained fame for dropping random things down an old mineshaft.

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According to the video description on YouTube, this guy is Austin Tebbs. Austin lives in Wisconsin. It says that he "has produced a collection of viral videos in which he experiments by dropping a variety of items down an old mineshaft". His followers apparently make requests of things they'd like to see him drop. I found his channel on TikTok.

Oh, but that's not all. Ever want to see a microwave oven dropped down a mineshaft? Austin can help with that.

One of the most popular seems to be Austin vs a bunch of soda cans.

Nothing against Austin. I mean good for him that he's found a way to connect with an audience. There's just an older version of myself that wishes the world would find new ways to entertain itself. (*sigh*) I was also wondering what mine this is and if there's someone who owns the mine that might have a problem with this.

If watching gravity at work entertains you, you can follow Austin on TikTok like a lot of people seem to be already doing.

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