How much will this piece of NBA history end up being worth?

A pair of iconic sneakers from rookie sensation Michael Jordan are the centerpiece of the latest big time sports memorabilia auction from Leland sports. - Jordan’s game-worn shoes are from an era when the NBA’s greatest player and his ironic shoes both exploded onto the sports and fashion landscape. Jordan wore the sneakers either during the second half of his 1984-85 rookie season, the start of the 1985-86 season or both.

Initial bidding for the Air Jordan I rookie era Nikes is $25,000 but the shoes are being predicted to eventually sell for more than $100K.

I know absolutely nothing about sneaker culture other than the fact that it can be very addicting and very expensive. I used to work with a sneakerhead that would have his shoes delivered to work so his wife wouldn't find out. He's gotten a lot better since then.

I say that to explain that I have no idea what the Air Jordan 1s are versus the 2s and so forth. It turns out that there are many differences and that's just between the different version of the Jordan 1s as this video explains.

If old smelly shoes aren't your thing but would still like to spend thousands of dollars on some sports memorabilia, the Lelands auction has plenty of other options for you to sink your money into. They have a Babe Ruth baseball card, a Tom Brady rookie card, and dozens of other artifacts that a select group of people say are worth way more than they actually are.

The sports memorabilia world is a wild place, tread carefully.

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