Not only did a Clinton Township man allegedly run an illegal dental practice in his basement, but he apparently has been doing it for years.

According to WDIV, Leka Gjokaj was arraigned Friday (3/1) at 41B District Court in Clinton Township on charges of operating without a dental license. Gjokaj is from Albania and was on a valid visa in the United States, but that visa appears to have expired.

Prosecutors said he needs to be held accountable for the illegal practice. Well, duh, of course, he does. You can't just open up shop in your basement and start drilling on people's teeth without a license. I'm amazed this dude was able to get away with something like this for years.

I'm not saying he's a bad man or a monster or anything like that, I'm just saying you have to play by the rules. I'm sure he's a nice person and was just trying to help people but that's not how you do it.

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