We've all seen the commercial of the guy air drumming to Rush's "Fly By Night" and can all recall a moment where we've been caught in the act. Whether it's air drumming, air guitar or simply grabbing the closest thing to a microphone you can find, sometimes its just impossible to restrain the urge to let loose when you hear your favorite song.

These acts are not just reserved for solo rides in the car. In a bit of a Green Eggs and Ham scenario, this man will unabashedly air drum anywhere; in a car, on a boat or even on a subway! Metalheads have always been pretty conscious of making sure everyone else knows he or she is a metalhead, and this is certainly one way to make that statement!

But wait! There's more! It appears as though we have a multi-instrumentalist on our hands as he was even caught playing air guitar. Check out the video below if you just can't get enough!

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