Calling pot marijuana or cannabis just sounds so stuffy, everyone is going to think you're a narc if you call it that so most people in Illinois use slang terms instead.

15 Slang Terms People From Illinois Call Weed

Isn't it funny how smoking weed supposedly makes you lazy, dumb, and slow but I completely disagree. I think potheads are some of the most imaginative people I know. They come up with so many creative ideas. It actually helps some people's brains.

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One of the creative things that potheads come up with that always impresses me is the original names that come up with. Have you ever paid attention to the names of weed strains? How about what dispensaries are called? It's the best.

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It's funny if you put several potheads in a room together, they would each have a different slang term that they use for marijuana. Those are all really creative too. I sometimes wonder where all these ideas come from.

Field of hemp. Cannabis Sativa. Industrial kind (technical cannabis)

If you still use cannabis and marijuana when you're talking about weed I'm going to help out. I don't want you to sound like a total nerd or cop. Here are 15 slang terms that people in Illinois use besides those lame names.

  • #15 Broccoli
  • # 14 Pot
  • # 13 Weed
  • # 12 Mota
  • # 11 Green
  • # 10 Dank
  • # 9 Dubby
  • # 8 Schizophrenia Activator
  • # 7 Ill-Nah-Nah
  • # 6 Wildwood Flower
  • # 5 Wacky Weed
  • # 4 Jazz Cabbage
  • # 3 Hippie Lettuce
  • # 2 Devils Lettuce
  • #1 Wacky Tobaccy


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