Good job on the "Mannequin Challenge", but now you are under arrest.

Photo - YouTube
Photo - YouTube

According to WIFR participants of a Mannequin Challenge in Alabama, are not very bright.

The latest social media craze is entertaining, I guess. Heck they even did one here, oddly I was nowhere to be found:


So as the story goes in Alabama, these upstanding citizens wanted to stage a shoot out for their Mannequin Challenge. This video brought the cops to serve a search warrant  at a Huntsville home it took place at. With that the following was found:

  • two handguns
  • a shotgun
  • a rifle
  • marijuana packaged for sale

Again, oddly I was not around for our Mannequin Challenge.

I will not post the actual video here do the language used. Congrats though fellas, try a new version in prison!


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