A 75-year-old in Florida will go down in history as possibly the worst patient of all time.

John King was hospitalized in New Smyrna this weekend for respiratory failure. After calling the nurses multiple times and demanding his clothes be brought to him, he felt like the nursing staff was ignoring him. John decided to go for another means of getting their attention.

He lit the bed on fire. Twice.

The first time he lit it on fire, his hospital roommate, Samuel Moreno, told King to put the flames out, which he did. Even though there was a curtain between the two, Samuel could hear Jack lighting the fire back up a minute later. 

Moreno, who had not been a pest to the surely wonderful nursing staff, hit his own call button. When his nurse arrived, Moreno told her what was going on.

The motherf---er in here lit his bed on fire.

Moreno's nurse put the fire out with an extinguisher, but the bed was a complete loss.

Amid the excitement, Jack told staffers he was "getting the hell out of here" and made a break for the exit. He was apprehended by security near the elevators.

Jack King was arrested and charged with felony arson.

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