I guess if you get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, you're going to want to crank the gas and see what it can do. And then you can expect this to happen.

There's a 29-year-old guy named Gabriel Molina from Miami, Florida. And on Saturday night, he was in the Florida Keys, driving a Ferrari. It's not clear if it was his or he was just renting or borrowing it.

Anyway, a cop spotted him doing over 75 miles-an-hour in a 45, so the officer tried to pull him over. But Gabriel took off, and started going 100.

Eventually the cop caught up to him when he stopped at a gas station, and Gabriel's excuse for the chase was that he didn't see the cop. He was just speeding for speeding's sake. Molina said, "The car is a Ferrari, and it goes fast."

Unfortunately for Gabriel, his female passenger told the cops a different story. She said he definitely saw the cop and decided to try to outrun him.

So Gabriel was arrested for fleeing and eluding. And it turns out he has nine traffic convictions in the past six years, including one for doing 100 in a 55.

Gabriel Molina via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Gabriel Molina via Monroe County Sheriff's Office

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