If you've been keeping up with the former child star lately, you'd know he's the type that very much walks to the beat of his own drummer.

Now Culkin is asking his fans to help come up with a new middle name for him.

If you think you have a name perfect for the Home Alone star, you can enter it here.

Culkin will then pick his favorites and then post them for the public to vote on.

Adult Swim At New York Comic Con 2017
Getty Images for Adult Swim

Once the favorite name has been picked he will then start the process of legally changing his middle name.

Per bunnyears.com Culkin states:

And this is real. Once we decide the winning name, I am going to appear before a judge and explain all of this nonsense and make them change my name. My lawyers already told me I can do this, and I have a strict "no backsies" policy in all of my contracts."

What name suggestions do you have for Mack?



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