At least once a week. That's how often I get a knock on my door from someone claiming to be from a utility company with an offer to save us money. After one asked to come in so he could sit down with me and go over my bill, I politely declined and stopped answering the door when my boyfriend wasn't around.

That might be your best tactic when dealing with scammers and thieves that are going door-to-door in your neighborhood.

Loves Park residents were the latest victims of a scam in which two individuals posed as water department employees to gain access to their homes for the purpose of robbing them.

Loves Park Police say,

The Loves Park Water Department wears a uniform and carries identification, when out in the community. They drive City of Loves Park marked vehicles and are not entering residences to check water at the faucet. Please contact the Loves Park Police Department, at (815) 654-5015, if you have any information on this incident and please be aware of anything like this happening.

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