Now that Illinois has been in the dispensary game for a while, we can start ranking them! LeafFly

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There are tons of dispensary locations popping up all over Illinois, and it's not always the big flashy and "sunny" ones that get the love from the pot community.

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By the end of 2022, there could be somewhere in the neighborhood of 300+ legal pot stores across Illinois! That's a lot of green, and a lot of GREEN for the state of Illinois. This whole thing is in the "B"illions of dollars...Yes with a "B."

The Reason Why The 70-Year-Old Loves Park Man Was Growing Weed
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So this site came up with a list of top weed dispensary locations in Illinois. These are the "HIGHest rated" pot dispensaries in the state of Illinois, including one in Loves Park, Illinois...Sweet! Let's let the HIG times roll and check out a few of these locations!

  •  MedMen - located in Chicago-neighboring Oak Park. Offering combo packages.
  • NTI-Galesburg - offers high-quality concentrates, cartridges, and additional products that will keep customers returning.
  • Curaleaf - the go-to, cash-only, adult-use marijuana shop in Melrose Park.
  • Maribis’ - Springfield, IL location is a true standout
  • HATCH’s -  appealing setting, reminiscent of a Ganga-adjacent coffee shop. Addison, IL
  • Happy Cannabis Company - Loves Park, IL Here is what one visitor to the website LEAFY said:  “This is what a dispensary is supposed to be like.”

Those are nice nice words. “This is what a dispensary is supposed to be like.” Look at Northern Illinois representing in the pot game.

For those that are curious:

The Happy Cannabis Company

4120 N Bell School Rd

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