Devon Betts from South Beloit have a message for online scammers, bring it.

Target coupon Facebook Scam

Devon Betts creates a temporary computer, on his computer to let the scammers into his trap. Once the scammers are into his system, he can delete it. I think when I was a junior I was concerned about, um, nothing?

Hats off to Devon for stepping up and trying to make a difference and handling what really is a form of cyber bullying. These fake apps pop up on your computer and try to convince you that there is something wrong with your system, in the process getting you to fork over your money.

After Devon has the wannabe scammers on the phone, and in his sights he lets them know that he is on to them and that the gig is up. Devon Betts has built a team to stop these scammers that reaches outside of the U.S. Team members are in the U.K., Scotland, and Australia. This all was built and created in South Beloit, Illinois.